That's me

My name’s Rui Coelho and I’m ten years old.
I live in Padim da Graça and I’m Portuguese.
My home town is Braga. It’s a pretty, big and modern town.
I’m a student at EB 2,3 Mosteiro e Cávado Shcool and I’m in class 5C.
I like watching TV and my favourite TV programme is on at half past six p.m. on Tuesday and Friday. It’s Morangos com Açucar.
I’ve got a pet, a turtle. He’s green and small and his name’s Tatu.
I’ve also got eleven fish. They’re red and white and black.
I was born on the 25 th of May and I always invite my friends on my birthday party.

Rui Pedro Coelho - 5º C

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Anónimo disse...

Happy birthday, Rui.
Teacher Inês Botelho